What is a sneaker proxy?

A proxy hides your IP address, so the sneaker server can't find out who is making the request. You need to do this if you want to buy more than one pair of sneakers.

When will my sneaker proxies be sent out?

This process will normally happen between 19:00 GMT - 23:00 GMT unless stated that they are instant delivery.
If you do not receive your proxies during this time, open a support ticket and we'll sort you out with your proxies ASAP.

What's the difference between Residential Proxies and Data Center Proxies?

Data Center's provide higher speeds, however, are banned on more sites. Residential's are slower but can be used
on almost any site. For sites that require speed, like Footlocker or Shopify, you should use Data Centers. For sites
that require you to remain undetected, like Nike and Adidas, you should use Residentials.

My proxies aren't working, what should I do?

Please check your proxies on multiple proxy testers especially a bot proxy tester, like CyberAIO, and a third party 
proxy tester. If they are still not working do not panic, just open a support ticket in our Discord.

What format are the proxies in?


What is the difference between "Sticky" and "Rotating" sneaker proxies?

Sticky proxies hold 1 IP constantly while Rotating proxies change their IP every request. Sticky provides you with faster speeds but Rotating will prevent tasks from getting banned.

What location should I buy?

In order to achieve the lowest latency speeds to the sneaker site, you must have your proxies located in a similar location to the target website.

Why do I need sneaker proxies?

Using Data Center and Residential Proxies is essential when using a bot. Using these will greatly increase your chances to cop your desired sneaker!